Walnut, Black

Black Walnut SampleBlack Walnut’s botanical name is Juglans nigra. It has a light to dark brown or chocolate brown color. The tree is a moderate sized tree reaching about 100 feet and producing a trunk up to 60″ in diameter. The wood is usually steamed to match sapwood and heartwood. It has a fine but open grain with a moderately coarse texture. Excellent to work including turning and carving. Typical uses include furniture, cabinets, gun stock, and musical instruments. It is found in the mid and eastern United States and Canada.

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  • Stool Sample Posted on: December 18, 2006

    So it has been a request of my wife for a while to make a stool for my son. This is what I came up with. After trolling the internet looking for appropriate “samples” for a stool, I happened upon a nifty design similar to the one I made pictured. It has a movable smaller step, which converts the whole thing into a chair with a back.

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