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Sapele has a botanical name of Entandrophragma cylindricum. It’s color is a dark red brown. The tree may reach a height of 150-200 feet, the bole is straight and cylindrical, and clear to 100 feet. It has trunk diameters to 6′ over broad, low buttresses, and is sometimes not buttressed. The wood has a rather fine texture, the grain interlocked, and sometimes wavy. Lustrous. Works fairly well. Typical Uses include fine furniture, and cabinet work. It is found around the Ivory Coast and Nigeria.

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  • Workshop Twin Screw Bench Vise Posted on: September 17, 2014
    While doing some shop improvements, I got the idea to create my own DIY vise to use for projects and so forth. After much deliberation and research, and my wish to keep the project budget low, I decided on mostly wood materials with store bought hardware. I purchased a length of 3/4″ threaded rod, some […]
  • Workshop Stools Posted on: January 31, 2014
    After cleaning up my shop, I realized I had nowhere to sit at the workbench. While standing is supposed to be better for you, I also enjoy having the kids join me from time to time, and visitors, and everyone needs a place to settle occasionally. So I found a nice, simple plan from Ana […]
  • American Girl Doll Bed Posted on: January 11, 2013
    So Christmas 2012 (this past Christmas), my wife and I were lucky enough to be able to get our daughter an American Girl Doll by way of our wonderful ex-next door neighbors in our old hometown. My wife asked if I could take an existing plan from Ana White who is a fairly well known […]
  • The Spokeshave Project Posted on: March 26, 2006

    So here it is. My next tool. And it works too. I made a spokeshave. It cuts fine shavings with a small adjustment of the blade, easily done with two brass screws underneath the blade, after loosening the blade from its brass knobs.

  • Millet Hybrid Headphone Amplifier Project Posted on: March 21, 2006

    The Bushwood Amplifier. A state of the art high quality hybrid tube amplifier based on the Millet Hybrid design. The design was taken from They are really great guys to work with, and you get a lot of support while building the amplifier.

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