Poplar Sample
Poplar’s botanical name is Liriodendron tulipifera. It has a grayish white sapwood with greenish brown heart. The tree is a tall, stately tree. May reach 150 feet high with a trunk up to 10 feet and free of branches for up to 90 feet. The wood is fine textured, soft and lightweight. It is easily worked and takes paint exceptionally well. It is frequently finished to look like other woods. Typical uses include furniture (mainly secondary wood for drawer construction and interior casework.) It is found in the eastern USA & Canada.

Posts tagged with Poplar

  • Hello Dolly Posted on: April 5, 2009

    So my wife decided she liked a doll stroller that one of her friends had, and asked me to make her a replica. So we took a trip to Home Depot and got some supplies. A little bit of poplar, some 7/8″ dowels, and some bolts with lock nuts and washers. Instant doll stroller for my daughter (well, after 1 day of woodworking of course).

  • Stool Sample Posted on: December 18, 2006

    So it has been a request of my wife for a while to make a stool for my son. This is what I came up with. After trolling the internet looking for appropriate “samples” for a stool, I happened upon a nifty design similar to the one I made pictured. It has a movable smaller step, which converts the whole thing into a chair with a back.

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