Cypress SampleCypress has a botanical name of Taxodium distichum. It is pale yellow to yellowish red in color, often salmon-colored. The tree is a large tree usually 100-120 feet tall with a trunk diameter up to 60″. An aquatic tree preferring very wet, swampy areas. The wood has a very distinct leafy grain. Annual rings combine soft, open-meshed spring wood, and hard, close-grained summer wood. Strong and light, very durable and naturally resistant to decay. Soft, easy to work, sand and finish. It is typically used for outdoor applications, furniture, and boat building. It is found in the southeastern USA.

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  • The Sand Boat Posted on: May 4, 2008

    After much deliberation about what we were going to do with the backyard, it was decided that we were going to build a sandbox. My wife had found some plans for a boat shaped sandbox plan in a book, and we thought it would encourage many hours of play and fun. I remember my first sandbox that my dad made for me in our backyard.

  • Bad Case of the Shingles - For the Birds Posted on: February 18, 2006

    So I’m now working on a birdfeeder. It required shingles on the siding, just like a regular house. Suffice to say, I won’t be doing shingles on my house. After cutting each little piece from a block of nice mahogany, I epoxied them on one by one.

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