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Anigre’s botanical name is Aningeria spp. Anigre has a yellowish-white to pale brown color, sometimes with a pinkish tint. The tree may reach a height of 180 feet with a clear cylindrical bole to 80 feet with trunk diameters above tall symmetrical buttresses 36-48″. Anigre has a medium to coarse texture, the grain is usually straight, sometimes wavy; with a fiddleback, mottled, or bees wing figure. Generally reported to saw and machine well, but some species are silicious and have a blunting effect on cutters. It is typically used for furniture, cabinets, and interior millwork. Anigre comes from tropical Africa.

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  • Amp6 Basic Portable Enclosure Posted on: July 26, 2007

    Woody had enclosed his Amp6 that I soldered for him into a plastic enclosure. After having wood case envy, he asked me if I could make a case for his Amp6 out of wood, that was a bit smaller than mine. So I did. See the pictures for my results. The wood is Anigre and an unidentifed species of wood that I salvaged off a pallet from work. 2 coats of high gloss Tung Oil is the finish.

  • Load Block Project Posted on: February 20, 2007

    A co-worker of mine asked if I could make him a glued-up block of hardwood for a specific work application. For my company’s yearly trade show (AAOS), they were demoing the amount of force that is applied to one of our knee products during a knee replacement surgery.

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