Spook Box

Thanks to Wil Wheaton (and if you don’t know who he is, go see his website), he mentioned a game that I recently purchased from my local comic and game store. The game is called Spooks, and is from Steve Jackson Games.

UPDATE (2/3/2014): Wil Wheaton is now involved in a gaming Youtube channel called Tabletop where they discuss a variety of tabletop gaming. Worth checking out. This Spook Box was done WAY before the show was started, but I figured it deserved a mention anyway.

A very fun game, and also a prime candidate for a woodworking project. After getting a hardbound idea book with plans from Woodsmith magazine, I made a card storage box from Anigre (an imported hardwood).1

It fits the cards perfectly, and has some nice box joints. I made a small recess for the label, which I cut from the game box. It came out OK, but if I had to do it again, I’d be a bit more precise with the box joints.


  1. Botanical Name: Aningeria | Family: Sapotaceae | Specific Gravity: .54 | General Description: Anegre is a light tone wood that normally come mostly defect free. It has a creamy white color with tight growth rings. It also has good density. | Origin: Africa []