Lego My USB Key

In a complete and utter diversion from the world of woodworking, I was surfing around online, and happened upon yet another USB key design. Thinking I could do a similar job, I hunted around for a spare USB key, and grabbed a few 2×3 lego bricks, some 2×3 plates, and 1 each of a 1×3 brick and plate. That’s all that was needed. I hollowed out the insides to fit the key, and epoxied and super glued the bricks together. I then sanded down the sides with a bit of wet or dry sandpaper and some Brasso. Neat. Isn’t as pretty as the original article’s, but for a first try, not too bad.

Update: I’ve posted some more USB key images. Some of the smaller ones use a Firefly USB drive from Lexar. They are the smallest memory key I could find to fit into a 2×4 brick. They just manage to fit.


New Bushwood Projects

I had a chance to work on some new projects over the weekend. Got some nifty stuff done. I made a first shot at a wooden USB key. I took a cheapie USB key I had, and made a wooden “shell” for it. I also made some marking knives with some O-1 tool steel I had obtained from a friend of mine. He works in a prototype shop, and milled the knives for me, and then hardened them to Rockwell RC50. I took them home, and shined them up a bit.

I plan on modding some other USB keys that I have into wooden ones as well.