Bushwood Minimus 7 Project

Today marked the first day back in the shop for a long while. A friend of mine gave me a couple of drivers he had left over complete with crossovers, and also the dimensions for a Radio Shack “Minimus 7″ sized enclosure. After picking up some 1/4” MDF from the “Depot”, I proceeded to cut out the speaker enclosures.

After much ado with the speakers and mounting them, including assistance from the above mentioned friend, the speakers and crossovers were hot glued to the enclosure and the enclosure was sealed up.

After a little testing, they sound just fine. Especially with the Amp6 I built.


Mod Stereo Stand

Well, Woody got me started on this whole stereo thing what with the amp and speakers, so I just had to quickly knock together a nifty little set of shelves with the leftover plywood. Nothing fancy, nor even perfect, but it holds the amp just fine, and has a bit of room for more components later. I slapped on two coats of shellac. The best part is the rear cable management in the column in the back. I drilled a series of holes in each of the braces all the way down the back, and it provides a method by which one can route cable from each shelf down the stand and out the back to the wall.

Speaker Adapters – I Can’t Stand It Anymore

Feb 16th, 2006:
Here are some pictures of Woody’s project in progress from the workshop of Bushwood.

What is it you ask? Well, you’ll just have to find out…..

Feb 18th, 2006:
So I finished Woody’s speaker “adapters” for his Reference 3A speakers. I tried my hand at a gloss finish, but I’m not very good at spray paint. However, I am happy with the way they turned out. I hope you enjoy them Woody.