Field Notes American Tradesman Edition

While this is not really a review per se, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my thanks for a great product that I enjoy everyday. I use them for many things. Notes, lists, drawings, and technical information I need to remember.

I just recently was able to get back into my shop and was very pleased to find out that this summer brought an offering from Field Notes, purveyors of fine notebooks (and other goodies). They release a “colors” edition periodically that has some nifty design apart from their usual brown notebooks (which are great in their own right). I’ve bought a number of them over the past year or two, and I even tried to make it to their Chicago office while I was up there for training (alas, it was not to be as they were closed).

This time around, Field Notes featured an American Tradesman Edition. It is a “corrugated-ish” blue heavy stock cover, with metallic lettering. The inside is full of graph paper. It included a special carpenters pencil and instructions on how to sharpen the pencil.

I saw this pack, and had to get it. It was right up my alley, since I’m a hobbyist woodworker, and of course from time to time need to draw sketches of what I’m building. And I ALWAYS need a good pencil for measuring.

I have used my Field Notes for various things in my hobby. One particular instance was building a simple water play device I found online called the Kidwash. I built in some modifications to it, and donated it to my son’s school for their summer camp and “Splash Days”. Here’s a shot of how I used the Field Notes. Field Notes helped me keep the material list straight.

So I received my Field Notes American Tradesman Edition just in time for this weekend and “Shop Time” (as I call it). I had some time today to prepare the pencil as per the instructions, and get my book ready for the next project.

I started by laying out everything I needed. I just used a simple razor knife to do the cutting. After starting to cut the tip on the skinny side first, I then proceeded to the wide side, and then finished the tip. Here’s a close-up. The book looks good with Teak. And it is Bob the Builder approved (yes, my wife insisted I should have Bob the Builder curtains when I first built my shop in the garage).

I haven’t used the book yet, but my next project is in the planning stages, and I’ll be using my new notebook for specifically that. My son needs Lego cabinets to store our Legos, and when I say “ours” I mean 30+ years of Legos that were mine, and now his.

UPDATE (7/10/11): I started the Lego cabinets this weekend, and of course, started using my Field Notes American Tradesman Edition. Here’s an overview of the project, including my Field Notes in action.

If you want to see more of my work, the various project details are on this website and of course on my Picasa albums.

Thanks again for a wonderful product. I really enjoy using my notebooks. I look forward to the new designs you’ll come up with.