meThis website has grown out of a consistent desire to organize my creative projects into a form which I can share with others: family, friends, and netizens who may find the information useful, helpful, or just plain fun.

I’m a woodworker, relatively new to the hobby (been doing it about 8 years or so now) and I really enjoy it. I primarily work out of my 1 car garage sized shop, simply making whatever comes to mind, or off the shelf of the magazine rack. I do take requests from friends and family occasionally, and I enjoy making gifts for people.

I’m also a builder of sorts of a variety of things, including Lego, electronic kits, and other various and assorted fun things. So from the roots of the Bushwood shop, I renamed the website The Brick and Board to reflect my two loves, Lego and Woodworking.

The website is powered by WordPress

The images and text are my own, with the exception of the handplane illustration, which I obtained from this website, after searching Google Images for handplanes. The wood information and wood sample images in the wood archives were borrowed from Woodworkers Source, a great mail order company from which I bought my walnut and padauk for my tongue drum project.

The images and text that are my own are licensed under:
Creative Commons License
a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 License.

I did most of the website modifications myself. As a network administrator by trade, I know my way around HTML, web design, and blog design fairly well. I’m not an expert, but I get by.

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