American Girl Doll Bed

So Christmas 2012 (this past Christmas), my wife and I were lucky enough to be able to get our daughter an American Girl Doll by way of our wonderful ex-next door neighbors in our old hometown.

My wife asked if I could take an existing plan from Ana White who is a fairly well known DIY blogger and crafty woman from Alaska. Her plans are usually very simple to build and use inexpensive hardware and supplies.

The plan specifically was this one:


I had a bunch of Sapele (read more about Sapele here) sitting around the shop, and it was very easy to size the lumber I had down to the dimensions I needed. I finished it in roughly 1 weekend’s worth of time, plus a little extra for finishing. I used two coats of Tung Oil to make the grain stand out (Sapele’s grain is just plain beautiful when finished with oil).

My wife finished it off by making a custom sewn bed set for both bunks, and even made quilts for the dolls as well.


My customer is one happy little girl.


Entire gallery of images is here: