Blast Off with the Jetpack

So we decided to make a jetpack for our son. My wife and I had looked around for some ideas, but haven’t found anyone that had made a jetpack, nor could you really buy one. So we went to Home Depot and bought some PVC parts, and some webbing, buckles, and D-rings from Joann Fabrics, and we were in business. Took about a half day of assembly, and it looks cool. Now all we need is a space helmet to go with it.


One thought on “Blast Off with the Jetpack

  1. i am a teacher-we made space helmets out of large plastic buckets that had a rope handle (bucket is large enough that it covers their entire head) cut out an oval for their face, copied actual NASA logos and clear taped to helmet and even put on stick on red reflectors- we used inexpensive white painters overalls-cut down to size-and added logos and silver duct tape-our astronauts looked great!We made soda bottle jet packs but now I am going to try yours!

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