The Kidwash Project

(or for twenty-six dollars, how to create wet fun for everyone)

I was looking for a really cool (literally) summer project for the kids. So, after finding a very cool Instructable, I decided to hop on down to the local Home Depot.

The Kidwash is basically a sprinkler system, with a hose bid on one side to hook up a garden hose. It has mister nozzles to spray the kids, and makes for a really cool run-through-the-sprinkler project. You can even ride a bike under it according to the original plans.

I picked up everything on the instruction list. After getting it home, and finding out the mister nozzles wouldn’t thread, I got out my handy tap and die set and put some threads on the PVC right where each nozzle would go. Then I used some teflon tape to seal each and screwed them in. I cut all the PVC to length and glued it together. After everything was dry (about 2 hours) we turned on the hose, and had great results. The only thing I’m going to change is the height. It’s a bit short for adults. What? You think I wasn’t going to try it?


UPDATE (18July08): This past weekend I added some threaded couplers and some extra pipe to add height and “storage-ability” to the project. You can disconnect it into three pieces, and it’s now high enough for adults without having to bend down to go through.

5 thoughts on “The Kidwash Project

  1. @thedude:

    it was about $26.00 without the mods, and probably another $8 – 10 with the mods. The threaded couplers were about $3.50 each at HD, and then the extra pipe and extensions made up the rest of the cost. I had another piece of pvc lying around the shop, so the above range allows for extra 3/4 pipe if you need to buy it. I can’t see the project ever costing more than $40.00. And it’s worth it. the basic $26 includes a can of blue PVC cement.

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