Wood You Like a USB Flash Drive?

So I’ve been experimenting lately with USB keys. Seems I have a penchant for making USB keys encased in fine hardwoods. They are so much more organic-looking than the silly plastic cases they normally come in. I’ve got a few samples in my gallery to look at so far. They are a bit bigger than the teeny plastic ones they manufacture now, but considering it’s enclosed in a wood shell which is much more resistant to cracks, etc. I think it’s worth it. I can make them out of just about any wood you can think of. Two of mine are from wood salvaged off of pallets. I used walnut. I am working on one now that uses a Sandisk Cruzer 1Gb flash drive with a pop out USB connector. A bit more tricky than the others, but it should work out OK. I am considering offering them for sale if anyone thinks they might be interested. Haven’t done any promotion of them as yet, but I thought I could do custom orders as well. Sort of “send me your flash drive and I’ll mod it for you” type of thing. Mostly any memory key will work, and each one is handmade. I use a basic oil finish to complete the key, so they have a decent amount of protection from wear and tear. I drill a lanyard hole in the end if you want to be a real geek and hang it from your neck… If you’re serious about one, you can use the contact form here to get a hold of me.


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