Spook Box

Thanks to Wil Wheaton (and if you don’t know who he is, go see his website), he mentioned a game that I recently purchased from my local comic and game store. The game is called Spooks, and is from Steve Jackson Games.

UPDATE (2/3/2014): Wil Wheaton is now involved in a gaming Youtube channel called Tabletop where they discuss a variety of tabletop gaming. Worth checking out. This Spook Box was done WAY before the show was started, but I figured it deserved a mention anyway.

A very fun game, and also a prime candidate for a woodworking project. After getting a hardbound idea book with plans from Woodsmith magazine, I made a card storage box from Anigre (an imported hardwood).1

It fits the cards perfectly, and has some nice box joints. I made a small recess for the label, which I cut from the game box. It came out OK, but if I had to do it again, I’d be a bit more precise with the box joints.


  1. Botanical Name: Aningeria | Family: Sapotaceae | Specific Gravity: .54 | General Description: Anegre is a light tone wood that normally come mostly defect free. It has a creamy white color with tight growth rings. It also has good density. | Origin: Africa []

Comptone Drums

A little bit about Woody’s hobby, which is very akin to my own – woodworking. He makes fantastic drums.1

The interior is sealed. And you can see on the left a problem on the bearing edge of the bottom that I elected to repair with high-density wood filler rather than shorten the drum a tad and recut the edges. Sometimes knots and imperfections are hidden until the edges are cut. Thankfully, the insides are pretty as well. More sanding tomorrow…2

Inside is sealed and the internal paper badge is applied so I know when it was built. "Swing Fire" is the name of the kit. The lugs are held in place with drum key screws so all that is needed to completely dissasemble the kit, is a drum key.3

The complete drum with shortie legs installed. I make shortie legs as floor toms are usually to high for my midget ass. Also the floor toms legs are just too long. Ever put a Floor Tom all the way up as high as it can go? It’s way too high for any human!4

The full kit. All "vintage mahogany" shells from Keller. 12, 14, 16, 18 and various 12" snares. It is very boomy and full. The kit is incredibly portable due to the small sizes and is very light as well. I have a 10" tom as well, but I rarely use it.5

  1. All quotes property of Woody, and Comptone Drums []
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